perjantai 18. heinäkuuta 2014

It's been awhile, babe.

Do you guys know that feeling that you are so full of life, busy, hanging, doing adult duties.. well you are just living and almost forget to update social media you have? I've move out to my own flat with my dog. We moved to Vantaa and the apartment couldn't be any perfect than it already is. It really feels like a home.

Also I have tons of pictures for you but I better just chop some of the goodies and only post them because when I'm talking about that there is tons of pictures, there really is TONS of pictures. Not even kidding.

Overall I'm so happy. I can't stop the smile on my face. Can't stop thinking about how lucky I am. I am almost finishing the driving license. I can cook my own food. I can do everything I want. This is freedom. Almost. Also I really, really, want to thank you guys being still there since I started. You probably have seen my breakdowns, my joys. Almost everything because I'm pretty open-minded person about my personal life to my blog. Well our whole family is pretty open-minded. I have nothing to hide from you.

Enough for talking shiet so let's get started with the pictures. (the main reason why you are here haha) I've  got pink, violet hair and now having yellow hair.

//edit I forgot to post this earlier so there is going to be another post soon!

welcome to my crib! old pictures. i have more plants and another aquarium XD

this is my favorite picture of us, even tho stella is hiding her face again. picture is old taken on my birthday party by fisk.

May Day outfit!

met up cuties and took some pictures with cherry blossoms <3 td="">

I was interviewing Harri Kullas too. Read more about him here

met sonja after two? years lel

Gyaru Finland - meet up! Picture is taken by Nori.


I got a stipend from school being active in our school's student council.
(I'm the vice president of student council by the way if you didn't know!)

I PASSED THE DRIVING TEST! I was so nervous. I'm so glad that it's all done now.

I was photoshooting with cutie Säde Puusa 
and yes I'm having a snail on my face...


cutest cosplayers ever <3 i="">
Salla was cosplaying Eren from Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin.

bought this strawberry house for my baby

BRAAAS! Yes I'm having difficulties to find suitable bras for myself and when I can find the right sized ones I need to buy. These are from Change. Their sizes differ from local stores but they say that my bra size is 75I which is unbelievable. I'm not satisfied with these fat sacks. These bras would cost over 216euros but I got discount so only 108euros. (Mother bought me these ;_;) Couldn't be happier with the new bras. I definitely need a bra sponsor. This is little bit too much for a student.  

Also went to Susanna's place to make some sushi and watch Orange is the New Black.
She's awesome. <3 p="">

And time is passed a lot after this picture but I'll update a blog soon! (I promise.) 

maanantai 10. maaliskuuta 2014

○ 2014 ○

FIRST check this video, you can spot someone from there, hehe *__*

Oh... it's already year 2014. Last time I blogged was December, almost 4 months ago. Anyway let's have a new start for blogging. I going to tell you about everything "4 months in a nutshell" you know thingie. There is probably lots of grammar mistakes since it's been awhile I have written something in english for awhile. So much word awhile, sozz. It may take awhile from you since probably reaaally long post so prepare yourself seeing lots of photos of me and me because this is my blog and well it contains mainly my face.

X-mas went it was pretty well, I don't even remember anything about it but I visited Veera with Stella on X-mas holiday. Hmm, we was pretty drunk but I luv these two awesome gurls. There isn't my own hair pics anywhere since the hair progress was horrid. Fading red with ugly roots ya know?

Then the shittiest New Year celebrating party with mostly with myself. Also some bleaching progress for you to see red to blonde!

One of my new wigs, the bob one. sponsored by SoLolita! And another sneak peak of the dress they sponsored. Going to do another post about that. ;) and also about our mini meet up with awesome gurls months ago!
And then I went to eat sushi, lots of, lots of sushi with sweet Emma! We also bought some bubble tea. I could probably live only with bubble tea, it's so good! *_*

Ahh then there was this random "let's rent a cottage for 20 people and party hard the whole weekend" and not to mention that also sitting in car for 9 hours to get there and another 9hours to get back. It was so much fun! I felt so alive after hanging alone and being busy with job. Also btw I'm in driving school!! Haven't kill anybody yet awhile driving. I also visited Turku few weeks ago and saw some friends. Hmm.. what other things I should tell you..

My new extensions came! And try give a guess what color I'm going to dye next! ;---)
Also my mother got married! I'm so happy for both - Pasi & my mom. ♥

with my beautiful aunty, Phen ♥

My tiny mother and little sister, and yeah Siiri is taller than me.. XD so who was the big sister lol.

We was celebrating both, me turning to 18 and my mother's and Pasi's engagement!

Yup, I turned 18 yesterdey, 9th of March. I've waited it for a looong time. And to be honest feels pretty awesome to have access to buy some sparklers. Haha. Yeah next weekend big party coming! Can't wait to party with the best.

See ya till next post!